Webinar3 in 1: Retail “how to” guidelines to streamline your operations

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From order consolidation to floor ready merchandise to product images and data attributes – your retail peers have created “how to” guidelines to help solve these everyday business challenges.

What’s the common thread? The guidance documents we’ll review all include implementation best practices based on the use of unique identification and GS1 Standards as the foundation of seamless operations. You’ll also get a digital copy of these guidelines to share with your colleagues and business partners.

Join us to learn about:

  • Order Consolidation - Can shipping cartons contain multiple purchase orders? See how order consolidation can streamline the movement of products through the supply chain.
  • Floor Ready Merchandise - How can you improve speed to market and value of products being delivered to your shoppers? See how efficient preparation of floor ready merchandise can have an impact.
  • Exchanging Product Images and Attributes - Can you minimize consumer frustration stemming from insufficient product information? See how a standardized approach for listing and classifying products allows your consumers to discover accurate and authentic data.
  • Susan Pichoff headshot
    Presented by Susan Pichoff

    Senior Director, Community Engagement, GS1 US

    Susan Pichoff leads the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative—a collaborative industry group that works to solve supply chain and e-commerce challenges through trading partner adherence to GS1 Standards. She guides the implementation of solutions that help industry improve data accuracy, inventory visibility and supply chain efficiency to support omni-channel success and other emerging retail innovations.