Interactive Webinar: Getting Started with GS1 US

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
Estimated Duration

Course Summary:

New to barcodes? Need help getting started with U.P.C.’s? Join us for this free interactive webinar.

  • Discover how the GS1 Company prefix is the key to identifying your products
  • Learn how to create UPC-A barcodes
  • Understand how product and packaging variations require different barcodes

During the second half of the webinar we’ll be taking questions to help you with your specific business needs.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone new to the GS1 System of Standards



About the Presenter:

B_Elliott_thmb.pngBrian Elliott is one of GS1 US’s Technical Training Managers. He is a 7 year veteran with GS1 US and a five time winner of the GS1 US Values Award. Brian has a deep understanding of GS1 Standards and shares that knowledge in a way that is easily understood by our member community.

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