Preview Webinar - GS1 US / Auburn University Item Level RFID Study (aka Project Zipper)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
Estimated Duration

Course Summary:

Project Zipper, a joint effort between GS1 US and Auburn University, kicked off earlier this year. This initiative includes participation from leading apparel manufacturers and their retailer partners. Its purpose is to survey the effectiveness and business value of item level RFID tagged items, as they travel though the brand owner’s value chain (with a specific focus on fulfillment centers) through to a retailer.

The project explores the brand owner’s return on investment value of EPC/RFID tagged items. The study leverages point-of-manufacturing tagged product and data collected throughout the supply chain.

This preview webinar will share early findings/benefits realized; including but not limited to: inbound shipment validation, pick/pack accuracy, fulfillment center quantity audits, outbound quantity audits, and claims adjustments.


• Patrick Javick, GS1 US
• Justin Patton, Auburn University RFID Lab
• Richard Haig, Herman Kay
• Bryan Epner, SwimUSA
• Susan Flake, Zebra Technologies Corp.

Sponsored by:
Zebra Technologies Corp.


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