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Melanie-Nuce-150x150b.png    Three Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Retail

Highly personalized shopping experiences, intelligent stores, and remote interaction with products are all predicted to be a part of the next major game-changer in the retail supply chain—the Internet of Things (IoT).

How will the role of standards evolve in an IoT retail environment? >

Emerging_Anti_Counterfeiting_150x150.png    Reducing Imitation Merchandise Online

In today’s retail marketplace, where the consumer can buy a product through a host of different channels, it’s more important than ever for brands to protect their product authenticity by implementing proactive anti-counterfeit strategies.

Learn how your company can reduce the proliferation of fake goods. >


AGMPillars.png    RFID Propels the Retail Sector Forward

Item level RFID is fueling the omni-channel journey—providing retail trading partners with real-time inventory visibility, rich data insights, and a means for better collaboration.

Learn how an efficient supply chain delivers a unified and enhanced customer experience. >

15GSUS0435_M01_GS1_US_News_Brief_Templates_2015_Images_EPC_RFID.png    How to Get the Most Value Out of RFID

Item level RFID opens the door for manufacturers and retailers to transcend outdated supply chain processes and deliver a seamless experience to the consumer

How important is RFID to enabling omni-channel strategies? >

general-business-images_genericbusiness_opt1_150x150.jpg    Need Help Getting Started?

The GS1 US Advisory Services team of experts can help support your organization with customized readiness training and tailored support

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Tools & Resources

  • Need to expand your RFID knowledge? The GS1 US EPC Item Level Readiness Program provides a self-paced training curriculum and the tools your business needs to begin implementing EPC-enabled item level RFID tagging into your day-to-day operations.
  • Training, Guidelines and Grade Procedures – The GS1 US Tagged Item Performance Protocol allows retailers the flexibility to set performance levels for their use case using a simple tagged item grade and suppliers the flexibility in how they meet grade levels from multiple retailers
  • Webcast: RFID Adoption in Retail – This on-demand e-learning vignette enables you to discover how your business can use this transformational technology to meet the inventory demands of the omni-channel shopping experience.
  • Who can help? Looking for suppliers of products, solutions and services to help you implement GS1 Standards? Check out the GS1 US Solution Providers for the Retail Sector tool.