Beginner and Advanced Certificate CoursesGS1 Fundamentals and GS1 Standards Advanced 

Avoid unscannable barcodes and supply chain troubles caused by inaccurate use of item identification 

Get the fundamentals right and ask our experts for additional guidance in our live classroom event.

“Even though I have been using GS1 Standards for 9 years I feel this session clarified my uncertainties. I will never look at barcodes the same way again.” - Antonela Marza, Deoleo


GS1 Fundamentals Certificate Course | $525
July 28th | Ewing, NJ | Register Now

GS1 Standards Advanced Certificate Course | $750
July 29th - July 30th | Ewing, NJ | Register Now

GS1 Fundamentals Certificate Course

Gain or refresh your understanding of GS1 Identifiers for products and the best practices for creating proper barcodes in this one day classroom event.


  • Overview of the GS1 and U.P.C Company PrefixLearn key concepts and capacity clarifications.
  • Identifying Products and locationsAvoid common mistakes by learning how to construct GTINs and GLNs.
  • Barcode Basics Understand the uses and features of different barcodes as well as which barcode suits your products.
  • Application IdentifiersExplore recommended practices and learn the definitions of commonly used AIs.
  • Using the Serial Shipping Container CodeLearn how to use Advanced Ship Notice and GS1 Logistics Label.
  • Who Should AttendProfessionals new to GS1 Standards or an experienced user seeking a refresher.

GS1 Standards Advanced Certificate Course

After learning the fundamentals or using GS1 Standards in your career, attend this advanced day and a half classroom course. We will cover the GS1 General Specifications, the core standards document of the GS1 System of Standards.


  • Basics and Principles of the GS1 System of StandardsGet an introduction to GS1 General Specifications and learn the identification system policies.
  • Application IdentificationSee how to identify and mark items for retailer selling and understand shipping guidelines.
  • Data CarriersLearn more about linear and two dimensional barcodes.
  • Symbol Placement GuidelinesBest practices for barcode placement and packaging design.
  • AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) Validation RulesLearn what is machine readability and how to process instructions and rules.
  • GS1 Standards Glossary of TermsUnderstand acronym differentiation and what is new vs. retired terminology.

GS1 US offers a badge to all who successfully complete a GS1 US Certificate Course. This badge is valid for three years and is an important credential that can be added to your online resume and shared via social media. Fill out this form to speak with a training specialist today!